Product Matching

The client wanted to be able to manufacture a product similar to one that is currently very successful in the market. A recipe and process were developed and third-party testing confirmed that the new product was a good match.


The client was experiencing serious problems with chocolate fat bloom in their products. A thorough process audit identified the identified the cause and a simple, zero-cost solution was proposed. The audit also flagged up potential risks to product quality which can be addressed over a longer timescale.

Technical Support for New Plant

The client was installing a new chocolate making plant which offered the potential of significant recipe efficiencies. Recipes were developed to maximise the financial benefits of the new process.

Production Transfer

The client wanted a new manufacturing partner with the capacity to meet the client’s growing chocolate bar business. A range of alternative factories was considered and the most suitable partner identified.

Chocolate Technical Training

The client wanted a training course designed to introduce technical graduates to the ingredients and processes of chocolate manufacture. A two-day course including lectures, videos, samples and practical sessions was designed, peer-reviewed, piloted and delivered to very positive feedback.

When the client wanted to roll the programme out globally, a “teacher training” programme was developed and delivered with an initial, one-week session being followed by individual feedback and coaching sessions.

Chocolate Development for Emerging Market

The client wanted to relaunch their chocolate bar range with an improved recipe which would beat the key local competitor in consumer tests. The new recipe was designed based on limited market and sensory information and with significant supply chain constraints. It scored well in consumer research and was launched on time.

Supply Chain Technical Course

The client was expanding production capacity rapidly in India but realised that this was creating a significant technical training issue for the large numbers of supply chain staff being recruited. Working with local supply chain staff, three courses were developed to meet the needs of the different types of employee and these are now being delivered by local trainers.

Cocoa Processing Operations Analysis

The client was concerned about the economics of operating their cocoa processing plant. An analysis of their operating practices suggested that, by failing to modify their operations in response to changes in market conditions, they had missed the opportunity to save some $100m over the previous few years. An approach to operating the plant in order to respond to market conditions was outlined.


Chemical Engineering undergraduates at a local university have to undertake a design project in their final year. In support of this I have been providing coaching to help them develop their concepts and their final designs.

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